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Murder defendant Jodi Arias was back on the stand Thursday being grilled by the men and women who will decide her fate in the killer romance trial, but it was cold-hard facts presented during the subsequent re-questioning by prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez that provided the real smoking gun of the afternoon, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is reporting.

The bulldog prosecutor hammered his nemesis with questions about the gas can purchases… Continue reading Jodi Arias’ Life Or Death Moment: Prosecutor Traps Her In Premeditation Plot With Gas Can Purchases

On the fourth day of the often combative cross examination between murder defendant Jodi Arias and Juan Martinez, the pit bull prosecutor seemed determined to prove premeditated murder in order to seal the 32-year-old’s fate with the death penalty.

In an on the stand grilling that went back and forth like a tennis match, Martinez meticulously laid out the evidence that Travis Alexander‘s violent killing was planned – and not… Continue reading Jodi Arias Prosecutor Hammers Home Premeditation Argument In Bid To Win Death Penalty Verdict