Westboro Church Protests Lady Gaga Concert In St. Louis

A Lady Gaga concert in St. Louis ran into trouble Saturday night when a group of protesters showed up to picket the show. The anti-gay protesters from Westboro Baptist Church stood outside the Scottrade Center over the weekend, where they picketed the pop star/gay rights activist’s ongoing Monster Ball Tour with signs reading “God Hates Lady

Kanye West Protests Arizona Immigration Law

In the name of Rosa Parks, Martin Louis The King Jr. (also known as Kanye West) insists that artists boycott Arizona over its controversial new immigration law, which makes failure to carry immigration documents a crime and give law enforcement officials the authority to quiz residents on their immigration status. The rapper is supporting

Shakira Protests Arizona Immigration Law

Shakira will meet with the mayor of Phoenix later this week to help campaign against a new Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday.The Colombian-born Grammy-winning singer-songwriter will speak with Mayor Phil Gordon, a strong critic of the new law, and other