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Halloween Donald Pleasence

When one thinks about the Halloween franchise, the first thing that springs to mind is Michael Myers and his quest to kill his sister Laurie Strode (and later, her daughter). Myers is one of the screen’s all-time great bogeymen, a silent slasher hidden behind… Continue reading The Last Horror Blog: Celebrate Halloween with These Classic Dr. Loomis Quotes

Matthew McConaughey is on a roll. Over the last 12 months, he’s appeared in four indie flicks — “Magic Mike,” “Bernie,” “Killer Joe” and “The Paperboy” — that received high praise from both critics and audiences. Now, he is back at it again, promoting his newest film “Mud” at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

While he was there, Moviefone got to sit down with the actor, who expressed… Continue reading Matthew McConaughey, 'Mud' Star: 11 Awesome Quotes From Our Interview

  • On money

    “Money doesn’t make you happy. I now have $ 50 million, <a href=”http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2007/moneymag/0702/gallery.pop_icons.moneymag/21.html”>but I was just as happy when I had $ 48 million</a>.”

  • On milk

    “Milk is for babies. When you grow up <a href=”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076578/quotes”>you have to drink beer</a>.”

  • On environmental villainy

    “It is up to us [in government] to say, Here are the laws: You have to inspect the milk so it’s clean. You have to inspect the

  • During my senior year in high school, I took a trip to Panama City, Florida in the hopes of joining the ridiculous spectacle that is spring break. It wasn’t quite the hyper-sexualized booze and drug-filled event that I was expecting to see, but it was close. Granted, at the time, my expectations were sky high, having learned everything about spring break from those ridiculous “Girls Gone Wild” commercials they would… Continue reading 'Spring Breakers': James Franco's Most Ridicuouls Quotes From The FIlm (NSFW)

    With a new version of “Total Recall” hitting theaters this weekend, we couldn’t help but look back at the 1990 original. However, despite the similarities between both versions, there is one aspect of the classic “Recall” that can never be reproduced: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s line delivery.

    In a career of truly unique performances, “Total Recall” might be one of his best. Here, the onetime Governator took standard action lines about double identities… Continue reading 'Total Recall' Quotes: The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Lines