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Should it surprise us that many rappers acquire their gangster posturing as a promotional tool to further their calculated careers? Naw, son. Should it delight us to revel in the juicy details of their hypocrisy? Hellz yeah! Continue reading 15 Rappers Who Weren’t So Gangster When They Were Young

How can we not repost this?. Combined, these musicians brought in over 220 million dollars last year. The question of “why,” however, is something … Continue reading Ten worst lyrics from the ten richest rappers

US rapper Jay-Z has topped Forbes’ list of the Richest Rappers in 2010. According to Forbes.com, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter pocketed 63 million dollars in personal income between June 2009 and June 2010, more than double that of runner-up Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, who earned 30 million dollars. He was followed by Senegalese-American rapper Aliuane ‘Akon’ Thiam […] Continue reading Jay-Z tops Forbes’ ‘Richest Rappers’ list

Actor Robert Pattinson has revealed that he perfected his US accent for the ‘Twilight’ films by copying his favourite rap stars. “I used to want to be a rapper when I was 14,” the Sun quoted him as saying in Oprah Winfrey”s chat show. “I have a lot of recordings. I used to do an […] Continue reading Robert Pattinson perfected US accent by copying rappers

50 Cent or The Black Powder? Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t a photo of my alcoholic Uncle Eddie after knocking back one too many cups of eggnog at the annual family Christmas party. (Although the resemblance is striking….) It’s only 50 Cent, trading his perfectly-chiseled frame in exchange for a bag of bones and a few […] Continue reading 50 Cent Skinny! Rapper’s Shocking Weight Loss For Dramatic Film Role