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October 31, 2012

Vin Diesel has said that Universal Pictures gave the green light to Riddick knowing that it would be an R-rated movie, and now we’ve got the official confirmation from the MPAA.

Written and directed by David Twohy, Riddick has been rated R for “strong violence, language and some sexual content/nudity.” There was some concern before about it not

Oscar Hosts: From Worst To Best, Rating 60 Years Of Academy Awards Emcees (PHOTOS)

They’ve tried everything. One host. Two hosts. Four hosts. 32 hosts. Comic hosts. Serious-thespian hosts. Hollywood-legend hosts. Young hosts. Old hosts. Hip hosts. Square hosts. Singing-and-dancing hosts. Every year, it seems, the Academy Awards goes back to the drawing board to figure out what sort of emcee will keep the show lively, attract viewers (especially younger viewers) and keep them from flipping channels during the slow parts. It’s a thankless… Continue reading Oscar Hosts: From Worst To Best, Rating 60 Years Of Academy Awards Emcees (PHOTOS)

Last week, to no one’s real surprise, the Motion Picture Association of America ratings board slapped the sex-addiction drama ‘Shame’ with an NC-17 rating. The surprise is that distributor Fox Searchlight is not only not contesting the ruling, but embracing it: as the studio insisted to The Hollywood Reporter, the NC-17 rating should be “a badge of honor, not a scarlet letter.”… Continue reading Let's Have a Real Adults-Only Movie Rating

As you read in this morning’s Movie News in 60 Seconds, and as you probably expected, Steve McQueen’s Shame has been rated NC-17 by the MPAA. And distributor Fox Searchlight is completely embracing the mark with hopes for Oscar glory in spite of the stigma attached. While this wasn’t a surprise, it has still spawned some debate and discussion around the web, including the usual protest against… Continue reading The Conversation: What Does the NC-17 Rating Mean for 'Shame'? And What Does 'Shame' Mean for the NC-17 Rating?

September 4, 2011

Vin Diesel has updated his Facebook with word that Universal is going with an R rating for Riddick and the actor revealed new artwork as well. He wrote:

I hear you…

While I was working on character, the Director and his team of artists have been creating the world and style of this picture. We all know how much I enjoy concept art and storyboards, haha