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Is Rihanna Channeling Taylor Momsen?

taylor momsen 300x400 Is Rihanna Channeling Taylor Momsen?Courtesy Rihanna; PictureGroup

We all know Rihanna can Talk That Talk, but who knew she was a Gossip Girl too?

When the singer debuted a sneak peek at her new platinum do (which she’ll sport on an upcoming cover of ELLE), we couldn’t help but think of another towheaded trouble maker: Taylor Momsen.

With that chunky fringe and stained pout… Continue reading Is Rihanna Channeling Taylor Momsen?

Rihanna Confesses: I Like Being Blonde!

In newly released footage from Armani’s lingerie and jeans fall 2011 video shoot, Rihanna somehow manages to make rehearsal look risqué.

Blocking the dimly lit scene in teetering heels, the star talks newly lightened locks: “We did a whole transformation,” she says in her trademark Bajan lilt. “So now I’m a blonde and not redhead anymore — and I like it!”

Watch as Rihanna gets her makeup done, listens intently to… Continue reading Rihanna Confesses: I Like Being Blonde!

default Movie Bytes   Battleship with Rihanna, GI Joe 2: War Movies 2012    MOVIE BYTE

Jon Chu is directing GI Joe 2, and Rihanna stars in Battleship The Movie! Host Grace Randolph gives you a closer look at these AWESOME war movies hitting theaters in 2012! Will Channing Tatum return to the GI Joe franchise? Can Jon Chu bring his dance moves from the Step Up movies to the battlefield? And will Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna sink… Continue reading Movie Bytes - Battleship with Rihanna, GI Joe 2: War Movies 2012 -- MOVIE BYTE

battleship rihanna Rihanna On Her Tough Battleship Training and Crazy Director

Pop diva Rihanna is totally unrecognizable in her first acting role as a soldier taking on some scary aliens in the upcoming ‘Battleship.’ Gone are the wild wigs and barely-there outfits; instead, she’s in a uniform and wielding some badass looking artillery.

Although she’s in pretty amazing shape (as those skimpy stage costumes clearly show), she had to undergo intensive military training for the… Continue reading Rihanna On Her Tough 'Battleship' Training and 'Crazy' Director

rihanna 300 Rihanna Shows Off String Bikini in Barbados

Islandpaps/Splash News Online

Talk about a string bikini!

Rihanna showed off her super-toned body in a barely-there suit on Thursday while hanging out on the beach with family and friends in