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sally hansen 440x330 Nail Art Alert: Get A ‘Rock Of Ages’ Inspired Manicure!Courtesy Sally Hansen

One of the summer’s biggest beauty trends is nail art — so what better movie to inspire your fingertips than the over-the-top ’80s film Rock of Ages?

Sally Hansen just released a line of nail strips inspired by the movie, which stars a decked-out Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and Julianne Hough. The collection consists of eight limited-edition… Continue reading Nail Art Alert: Get A ‘Rock Of Ages’-Inspired Manicure!

And “Madagascar 3″ with the upset! Last week, while everyone’s chips were on Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” the animated sequel took out the rest of the competition with $ 60 million in ticket sales.

Will kids flick make it two weekends in a row? Who knows. From”Men In Black” to “Snow White and The Huntsman,” the box office has been quite fickle-hearted as of late. Now, with the

Movie Review: Rock of Ages Is Ready to Rock

Review in a Hurry: Thanks to 1980s mashups and plenty of star wattage, Guitar Hero: The Movie is here! Anyone who’s ever strapped on a plastic guitar to channel their inner Journey knows the songs means zip without at least one dude that plugs in and takes the… Continue reading Movie Review: Rock of Ages Is Ready to Rock

From the Set: Rock of Ages

rockofagessetvisit1 From the Set: Rock of Ages“I want to make a musical for heterosexual guys”

Those are the exact words uttered by director Adam Shankman who seemed somewhat weary and even a bit emotional as they reached the end of filming on his new movie Rock of Ages.

Last summer, ComingSoon.net had a chance to visit the Miami set where they had closed off a section of a less-populated area of the city–North… Continue reading From the Set: Rock of Ages

tina fey 300x400 Tina Fey Honors ’30 Rock’ Makeup Artists for Doing the ImpossibleCindy Ord/Getty

Speaking about her 30 Rock makeup artists at Thursday night’s New York Women in Film & Television Designing Women awards, Tina Fey spoke of the ladies’ ability to accomplish, well, anything.

“Over the last six years they’ve turned Tracy Morgan into a werewolf, turned Will Forte into a beautiful Jane Krakowski and they’ve turned Jane Krakowski into no less than three men… Continue reading Tina Fey Honors ’30 Rock’ Makeup Artists for Doing the Impossible