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And “Madagascar 3″ with the upset! Last week, while everyone’s chips were on Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” the animated sequel took out the rest of the competition with $ 60 million in ticket sales.

Will kids flick make it two weekends in a row? Who knows. From”Men In Black” to “Snow White and The Huntsman,” the box office has been quite fickle-hearted as of late. Now, with the

Movie Review: Rock of Ages Is Ready to Rock

Review in a Hurry: Thanks to 1980s mashups and plenty of star wattage, Guitar Hero: The Movie is here! Anyone who’s ever strapped on a plastic guitar to channel their inner Journey knows the songs means zip without at least one dude that plugs in and takes the… Continue reading Movie Review: Rock of Ages Is Ready to Rock

From the Set: Rock of Ages

rockofagessetvisit1 From the Set: Rock of Ages“I want to make a musical for heterosexual guys”

Those are the exact words uttered by director Adam Shankman who seemed somewhat weary and even a bit emotional as they reached the end of filming on his new movie Rock of Ages.

Last summer, ComingSoon.net had a chance to visit the Miami set where they had closed off a section of a less-populated area of the city–North… Continue reading From the Set: Rock of Ages

tina fey 300x400 Tina Fey Honors ’30 Rock’ Makeup Artists for Doing the ImpossibleCindy Ord/Getty

Speaking about her 30 Rock makeup artists at Thursday night’s New York Women in Film & Television Designing Women awards, Tina Fey spoke of the ladies’ ability to accomplish, well, anything.

“Over the last six years they’ve turned Tracy Morgan into a werewolf, turned Will Forte into a beautiful Jane Krakowski and they’ve turned Jane Krakowski into no less than three men… Continue reading Tina Fey Honors ’30 Rock’ Makeup Artists for Doing the Impossible

tina fey 30 rock 320 30 Rock: Comedy to go Live from New York on April 26In the immortal words of Bill O’Reilly, “We’ll do it live!”

NBC’s “30 Rock” is readying for another live episode of the comedy on April 26. Show star Alec Baldwin let the news out during a recent appearance on “Extra.”

This will be the second go ’round for Jack Donaghy, Liz… Continue reading '30 Rock': Comedy to go 'Live from New York' on April 26