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When EW caught up with the 25th winners of The Amazing Race, they were hoarse from celebrating all weekend with their “race family,” but still flying high from the $ 1 million win. Amy and Maya—Candy Scientists, by trade—beat out three much more physically imposing teams, two-thirds of whom were professional athletes (one-third of whom were potentially teeth-cleaning super humans), to become only the third all-female first-place finishers in… Continue reading ‘The Amazing Race’ Q&A: How the Scientists became ‘TAR’ top dogs

Guess all those sci-fi thrillers in which people could tap into the movies unspooling in other people’s heads — think ‘Brainstorm,’ ‘Dreamscape,’ ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Total Recall,’ ‘The Cell’ and ‘Inception’ — weren’t all that far-fetched. Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley have figured out how to reconstruct the movies people see in their minds.

In a new study published in the journal Current Biology, the researchers recount how they… Continue reading Scientists Learn to Make Movies From Images...

cancerScientists have cracked one of the secrets behind the spread of cancer — a protein that helps the disease thrive and spread through the body, besides aiding its return post treatment. The breakthrough opens the way to drugs and better ways of picking out the most dangerous tumours, the Journal of Clinical Investigation reports. Cancer […] Continue reading Scientists find trigger behind spread of cancer

A team of scientists has taken an important step toward a better understanding of prostate cancer by uncovering evidence that it is not one disease but rather several factors which can be measured and, in the future, destroyed by targeted therapy. The research team led by of Dr. Mark A. Rubin, at Weill Cornell Medical […] Continue reading Scientists reveal prostate cancer”s multiple personalities

Indian space scientists will meet in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday to discuss the reasons for the failure of Thursday’s rocket mission, which was for the first time powered by an Indian-built cryogenic engine.
Meanwhile, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is collecting data on the rocket launch to arrive at the reason for the failure.
The scientists will […] Continue reading ISRO scientists to meet Sunday to discuss cryo failure