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Scoring Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Hit List

That’s it? Billed for weeks as the most vicious takedown A-list Hollywood has endured since, well, last year’s Golden Globe Awards, what returning host Ricky Gervais wound up delivering was something far more tepid—when he was on the stage at all. Perhaps he had realized there was no way he could top his infamous 2011 performance, or, more specifically, the surprise and outrage it was met with. So instead we… Continue reading Scoring Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Hit List

England striker Wayne Rooney has assured manager Fabio Capello that he would be focused and would not let his controversial private life affect his performance during tonight’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland. According to reports, Rooney had a brief chat Capello onboard the flight from Luton airport. The England manager and his advisers had been […] Continue reading Rooney vows off field ‘sex scandal’ won’t affect on-field ‘scoring’ skills against Swiss