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English authorities linked with Operation Grange are headed to Portugal Monday, to presumably find and arrest a trio of burglars they believed to have kidnapped British tot Madeleine McCann seven years ago, and we’ve got all the details for you right here on radio detection and rangingOnline.com.

“Police want to be given a chance to arrest key suspects,” a spokesman for the girl’s family told the… Continue reading Scotland Yard En Route To Portugal, Presumably To ARREST Trio Of Suspects In Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance

Taylor Momsen is an expert at turning Hollywood on its ear with her profane antics and even raunchier language, but the blonde baddie could use a refresher course in World Geography. Momsen infuriated fans at a gig in Scotland over the weekend by calling their country England in an on-stage blunder. “Glasgow, you are looking […] Continue reading Taylor Momsen Mistakes Scotland For England

A History of Scotland

Ten thought-provoking episodes bring a fresh perspective to Scotland’s past and challenges many o the perceived notions of Scottish history. With stunning, BAFTA winning cinematography and mesmerizing narrative the series tells of battles and allegiances, political intrigue and religious conflict. The series reveals the fascinating struggles, power brokers, incidents and characters across the years… Continue reading A History of Scotland

Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, has broken her leg while hillwalking in Scotland, but plans to keep up all her scheduled engagements, a royal spokeswoman said Thursday. She is likely to wear a plaster cast for about six weeks, by which time the “relatively minor” injury should have healed, experts said. “While hillwalking in slippery conditions in Scotland, the Duchess of … Continue reading Prince's wife Camilla breaks leg on Scotland walk

Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, plans to keep up all her scheduled engagements despite breaking a leg while hillwalking in Scotland, a royal spokeswoman said Thursday. “While hillwalking in slippery conditions in Scotland, the Duchess of Cornwall took a tumble and hurt her leg,” a spokeswoman for Clarence House said, noting that the mishap occurred on Wednesday. Following doctor’s advice … Continue reading Camilla suffers broken leg on Scotland walk