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The Secret Circle: Total Recall (PHOTO RECAP)

Sometime over the holidays my dad and I were discussing our shared fondness for Natasha Henstridge—my family saw Species and Species II (!) in theaters—so I brought to his attention that she currently had a new gig on the CW called The Secret Circle and his eyes lit up. He hadn’t heard of TSC (or, let’s be honest, the CW) and asked whether he’d like it or not, and I… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Total Recall (PHOTO RECAP)

jennifer aniston 440x330 What’s Jennifer Aniston’s Budget Beauty Secret?Jason Merritt/Getty; Courtesy Photos

Jennifer Aniston, who’s said she was a “dumpy teenager,” tells InStyle that it took “years of peeling back the onion to finally stop using makeup as a mask and feel comfortable in my own skin.” But that doesn’t mean the ever-gorgeous actress has shunned makeup entirely.

Discussing her favorite products, Aniston tells the magazine that Estée Lauder’s… Continue reading What’s Jennifer Aniston’s Budget Beauty Secret?

The Secret Circle: Tether Ball

Quick tip for those of you teens who are dealing with supernatural situations in your small towns: Don’t go to school dances, ever. That is where all the bad stuff happens! Next time you see a poster for an awkwardly themed dance, just book a room at the Travelodge for that night and just wait it out. Trust me.

Unfortunately the teens of Chance Harbor don’t have that kind of foresight… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Tether Ball


By Amber Goodhand – Radar Reporter

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is planning on marrying Kristin Cavallari, but according to a Star magazine exclusive he may want to take another look at his future in-laws — particularly his father-in-law, Dennis Cavallari.

The 25-year-old reality-TV star’s father has been living a double life filled with greed, lies and adultery, and now his mistress of five years is coming forward to expose… Continue reading Kristin Cavallari's Dark Family Secret: Father's Double Life Of Greed, Lies & Adultery

Magic! There was magic on The Secret Circle, you guys! And I don’t mean magic as in cool moments that gave us brain-tingles (there were some of those, though), but the actual witchcraft kind of magic that this show about witches has been so stingy about. “Darkness” was the first new episode after a seven-week hiatus, and while it definitely contained a few series highlights (a coffin exploded out of… Continue reading The Secret Circle: The Dark Is Rising (PHOTO RECAP)