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 Casey Anthonys Uncle Shocked At Verdict, Doesnt Know Where She Is


By Alexis Tereszcuk – Radar Senior Reporter

Casey Anthony’s whereabouts Sunday are unknown not only to her parents but also to her aunt and uncle in Ohio, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

There have been numerous rumors that Casey had flown to Ohio following her release from the Orange County Jail at 12:09 am today. If she did, she’s not there to stay… Continue reading Casey Anthony's Uncle Shocked At Verdict, Doesn't Know Where She Is

uE7660 260x195 Bollywood shocked with Shiney Ahujas verdict

'Murderers, terrorist n corrupt politicians r walking free n Shiney Ahuja gets 7yrs… Judiciary should stop targeting Actors so blatantly. I am NOT saying he's right but don't forget that Kassab is still enjoying our hospitality…Do u know the no. of rapes that happen in our country on a daily basis by influential n connected ppl… Those cases r not even registered. My point is all… Continue reading Bollywood shocked with Shiney Ahuja's verdict

RGV shocked at gangster-politician Suri’s killing

ram gopal varma1 150x150 RGV shocked at gangster politician Suri’s killingFilmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is shocked at the killing of gangster-politician Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy alias Maddelachervu Suri, who was a key inspiration for his film “Rakta Charitra”. Suri was shot dead by a close aide in Hyderabad Monday. “By the time I finished ‘Rakta Charitra’, the reality became a film for me and now this [...] Continue reading RGV shocked at gangster-politician Suri’s killing

No One Killed Jessica 150x150 ‘No One Killed…’ is about a murder that shocked nation“No One Killed Jessica” is the first release of the year. It’s inspired by the high-profile murder of model Jessica Lall, a crime that rocked the nation 11 years ago. Filmmaker Rajkumar Gupta brings the tragic story on celluloid in his second directorial venture that is releasing Friday. Produced by UTV Spotboy, the film features [...] Continue reading ‘No One Killed…’ is about a murder that shocked nation

Emma Watson didn’t know she was rich. The Harry Potter star, a sophomore at Rhode Island’s prestigious Brown University, is worth more than $32 million, but Emma says she was shocked when she found out she’s one of the highest-paid actresses on the Planet. The actress, 20, says her father sat her down two or [...] Continue reading Emma Watson Shocked To Learn She’s A Gazillionaire