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“X-Men: Days of Future Past” has been called an X-Men crossover, as “The Dissolve” critic Matt Singer says: “Like Days Of Future Past, crossovers in comics tend to be light on character development. But when they’re good, the huge stakes and epic scale of the action make them hard to put down” — and this is precisely that… Continue reading 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Family Review: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

Last week’s Comics on Film article seemed to generate a rather passionate discussion in the comments section and a devoted thread on Reddit based off of its major claim: Spider-Man on film should move from his current position at Sony and join Marvel Studios alongside the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. While reading through each participant’s thoughts, one theme of the opposing argument that… Continue reading Comics on Film: 5 Characters That Should Not Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

People say Hollywood has a problem with originality. That’s probably true. But some narrative concepts are too good for just one film to hog. While originality certainly has its place, there’s something to be said for revisiting stories that work in hopes of reclaiming that glory or using it to come up with something new with a change of scenery. The following movies… Continue reading These Movies Should Be Remade As Often As Possible

Are you one of the biggest Wes Anderson fans on the planet? If so, you’re already looking into getting a ticket for the Grand Budapest Hotel cruise, right? It’s not a trip themed around the movie or Anderson’s movies in general, nor does it go anywhere near where the fictional Republic of Zubrowka would be located, but the director will be aboard… Continue reading What Movie Should Have Its Own Cruise?

Just when you were sick of seeing and mistakingly eating too many Peeps over the Easter holiday, the sugary marshamallow treat has been announced as the next branded item to receive its own movie. Surprisingly it’s not going to be a horror movie in which a bunch of the little pastel-colored blobs attack a small town. Attack of the Peeps has a… Continue reading What Candy Should Get Its Own Movie?