Leonardo Dicaprio to testify against women who slashed his face

Leonardo Dicaprio has agreed to testify against the woman who slashed his face with a glass in 2005, it has emerged. The ‘Titanic’ star is said to have been “extremely cooperative” with lawyers prosecuting 40-year-old Aretha Wilson and is even willing to take the stand and face her in court, according to TMZ.com. Wilson is

Tila Tequila Suicide Attempt? Slashed & Bloody Tila Tequila “Attacked By

Dis bitch krazee…..Notorious drama queen Tila Tequila continues to raise concern for her mental well-being after posting a shocking video to her website on Sunday showing her slashed and bloody forearm and blaming the gory injury on the violent outburst of a clandestine “alter ego.” In a move that proves the trainwreck reality star has been