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Sly Cooper

Video game movies are going to be the next big thing. Sure, every movie studio in Hollywood is going to keep churning out as many comic book movies as their contracts with Marvel and DC will allow, but eventually audiences will grow a tad tired of seeing new superhero movies trying to out spectacle one another every few months. And when they do, studios… Continue reading 'Sly Cooper' Trailer: Sony Is Bringing the PlayStation Game Icon to the Big Screen

Sylvester Stallone insists Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most ‘extraordinary’ man he”s ever met. The two stars, who recently teamed up briefly for Stallone”s action film ‘The Expendables’, first met at the 1977 Golden Globe Awards and, despite their rivalry on the big screen, they”ve always been good friends – and business partners in the Planet […] Continue reading Arnie is the most extraordinary guy I’ve ever met, says Sly

Hollywood action star Sylvester Stallone wants to cast Bruce Willis as supervillain in ‘The Expendables’ sequel. Stallone wants Willis, who had a small cameo role in the summer blockbuster, to lead the cast in an all-action follow-up. Despite initially claiming a sequel would be too expensive, Stallone appears to have been fired up by the […] Continue reading Sly wants Bruce Willis as supervillain in ‘The Expendables’ sequel

Sylvester Stallone wanted to feature vintage bomber as a prop on the red carpet of ‘The Expendables’, but was devastated when he realised the craft had been turned into a heap of rusting metal. Co-star Jason Statham wasn”t surprised – because the 60-year-old plane shouldn”t really have been in the sky for the film. “We […] Continue reading Sly is devastated as ‘The Expendables’ bomber is destroyed

Dolph Lundgren has admitted that he enjoyed working with Sylvester Stallone on the sets of ‘The Expendables’. Stallone handed Lundgren his breakthrough role in 1985””s Rocky IV – which he wrote, starred in and directed. And Lundgren, who played huge Russian boxer Ivan Drago in the film, admitted his old pal was much easier to […] Continue reading Sly now ‘more thoughtful’ as a director, says Dolph Lundgren