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That time Ryan Gosling played a young Kevin Sorbo

Young Hercules: Here’s a weird bit of trivia. The ’90s TV adventure show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys ran for six seasons and had a total of 111 episodes. Its spin-off prequel show, Young Hercules starring a teenage Ryan Gosling, only ran for one season, but it had a whopping 50 episodes. That’s pretty absurd, right? 

chris-hayes-msnbc.jpgMSNBC anchor Chris Hayes probably should’ve probably thought twice before making controversial statements about fallen soldiers on a special Memorial Day episode of his show. Hayes mentioned during a panel discussion that he is uncomfortable using the word “hero” as a blanket term for all fallen soldiers because it can be skewed to justify war.

“Why do I feel so [uncomfortable] about the word ‘hero’? I… Continue reading Chris Hayes apologizes for not calling fallen soldiers 'heroes'

We Were Soldiers (Widescreen Edition)


Exploration of the courage, valor and loyalty among an elite American combat division that is sent to battle in Southern Vietnam.Based on the book by Lt. Col. Harold Moore (ret.) and journalist Joseph Galloway, We Were Soldiers offers a dignified reminder that the Vietnam War yielded its own crop of American heroes. Departing… Continue reading We Were Soldiers (Widescreen Edition) Reviews

Heiress-socialite Paris Hilton is throwing her weight — and her wallet — behind American troops by becoming the Official Celebrity Ambassador for the new initiative from United Service Organizations: Support Our Troops (USO). Hilton has teamed up with the military charity’s new Songs for Soldiers campaign. The charity aims to present every American soldier – who […] Continue reading Paris Hilton USO “Songs For Soldiers” Celebrity Ambassador

The UP police detained four people including two CRPF personnel and two policemen in allegation of supplying arms to Naxals.
On Friday the UP Special Task Force (STF) raided a CRPF camp at the location of Dantewada Maoist massacre held on Apr 6.
Two CRPF personnel are Vinod Paswan and Dinesh Singh who were arrested after the […] Continue reading Soldiers accused of supplying Arms and ammunition to Naxals