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Young Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes renaissance is officially in full swing. If you hadn’t gotten enough of the brilliant detective in two Guy Ritchie films, the BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch, and CBS’ Elementary, then maybe a remake of Young Sherlock Holmes will finally fill your craving for the super sleuth.

Paramount is keen to reopen the case when it comes to the 1985 Barry Levinson film… Continue reading Paramount Attempts to Solve the Mystery of Who Will Write the 'Young Sherlock Holmes' Remake

Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe the following new videos, which feature everyone’s favorite plush pals.

In one of the new Muppets promos below, Miss Piggy becomes the subject of a series of mysterious messages from “A,” as fans of Pretty Little Liars fans will recognize as the alias for the show’s text-obsessed (and yet unidentified) villain. But, as you’ll see… Continue reading The Muppets solve ‘Pretty Little Liars’ mystery: Who is ‘A’?

sudukoThe days of Sudoku are numbered, thanks to Google. A new image recognition application by the internet giant can solve the number puzzle, no matter what the level of difficulty is. The puzzle with its simple grid of digits and empty boxes can now be solved instantly by any mobile phone. A newly updated mobile […] Continue reading Google’s new application can solve Sudoku

Syndicated nightly game show Wheel of Fortune has made its way into the headlines quite a bit in the past few days, particularly after the death of its longtime announcer just last week. On Friday, however, the longrunning program hit the news — and the viral circuit — for an entirely different reason. In what […] Continue reading “Wheel Of Fortune” Amazing Guess Solve: Caitlin Burke Solves 27-Letter Puzzle With Just One Letter

A research has suggested that the best way to solve a complicated problem is to distract yourself for a few minutes with something else or sleep on it overnight. Those who consciously struggle with a difficult question are more likely to get the wrong answer, compared with those who put it on the mental backburner, […] Continue reading ‘Sleeping on a problem’ may be the best way to solve it