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true-blood-season-7-episode-6-karma-hbo-bill.jpgThe race to whether or not Sookie and Bill can find true love with one another by the end of
“True Blood’s” run was accelerated in Season 7, episode 6 “Karma.” 

It turns out that not only is Bill infected with Hep-V, but Sookie was the one who infected him. To make matters worse, her fairy blood is causing the disease to spread

Image Credit: HBO

They did it outside. They did it inside. They did it in different rooms. They did it in different positions. Yes, after all that anticipation, Sookie and Eric finally hooked up on True Blood. Was it worth the wait? True Blood aficionado and “supernatural sexpert” Mandi Bierly weighs in with her thoughts as we break… Continue reading InsideTV Podcast: Was the Sookie and Eric sex on ‘True Blood’ worth the wait?

Hip-hop’s top Dogg has a thing for True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse! Snoop Dogg’s made no secret of his desire to land a guest spot on HBO’s favorite fanged sensation, now the West Coast rhymer has recorded an ode to the show’s mind-reading character, played by actress Anna Paquin.“Oh Sookie, let me get in your […] Continue reading Snoop Dogg “True Blood” Tribute VIDEO “Oh Sookie”