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-An obese Georgia woman is weighing her legal options after a local spa slapped her with a $5 surcharge for spa-ing while fat. According to the salon owner, the chairs could become damaged if someone weighing more than 200lbs. sits in them. That means some of the healthy hunnies gotta pay up. It’s not prejudice […] Continue reading Evening Crunch Crumbs: Overweight Surcharge At The Spa?; Sea World Fined In Trainer’s Death; The Justice Department Seeks “Ebonics” Training

Who says Celebrity Rehab alums don’t make the most of their sobriety? Just look at former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. The 44-year-old spitfire hung up her garter belt and G-string as a Lady of the Night more than a decade ago and today is hoping to transform her love of our fine furry and feathered friends […] Continue reading Heidi Fleiss Pet Spa Opening August 2010