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Is there or isn’t there a new King of Late Night? Comedy Central is claiming victory after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart edged Jay Leno’s Tonight Show in the crucial Adult 18-49 demographic for the second quarter that ended June 26. Though The Tonight Show still draws the most overall viewers every night, 3.9 million, compared to The Daily Show‘s 2.2 million, Stewart’s show edged Leno, 1.295… Continue reading Jon Stewart vs. Jay Leno: Networks spar over who’s No. 1

In Political News: Conservative Republican strategist, Michael Reagan appeared on The Early Show Monday, wherehe called his brother Ron Jr. an “embarrassment” to their parents after the latter made comments suggesting President Reagan may have been in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease while running the country through most of the 1980s. The former Commander-in-Chief […] Continue reading Reagan Family Feud: Ron Jr. & Michael Reagan Spar Over Dad’s Alzheimer’s