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kings of leon 3 320 Inside Kings of Leons Troubles and Success

Kings of Leon

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Music fans were shocked when Kings of Leon abruptly abandoned a concert after 11 songs and canceled their U.S. tour, citing “vocal issues and exhaustion” while alluding to mysterious

SINGING sensation Alexis Jordan has advised Britain’s Got Talent hopefuls to hide their nerves if they want to make it all the way to the show’s… Continue reading Teen star Alexis Jordan says secret of her success is not showing nerves

When Stage Parents Attack: Remember all those public declarations and outbursts Billy Ray Cyrus has been making about the hellraising habits of his out-of-control daughter Miley (perhaps most notably that the success of Disney’s Hannah Montana destroyed his once wholesome clan)? Well, a few Hollywood conspirarcy theorists suspect those rants have more to do with [...] Continue reading Is Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous Of Miley’s Success? “Hannah Montana” Threatening To Blow Whistle On “Hypocrite” Pop

Knightley struggled to accept success

keira knightley2 150x150 Knightley struggled to accept successHollywood actress Keira Knightley has admitted she used to feel like she didn’t deserve her success. The British actress shot to fame with “Bend It Like Beckham” before going on to star in the hugely successful franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”. But the 25-year-old actress feels she struggled to come to terms with the success, [...] Continue reading Knightley struggled to accept success

Glee success speed overtakes Elvis

The cast of US comedy drama Glee have smashed Elvis’ record for the fastest act to score 20 top 40 hits, the Official Charts Company said.. . Stars … Continue reading Glee success speed overtakes Elvis