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Avengers posterA month ago, I waded through the box office reports and aggregate reviews of all the movies based on video games over the years to find out how they ranked as far as ticket sales and overall approval from audiences. It was an interesting experiment that offered up some surprises as far as the relationship (or lack thereof) between a film’s success at the… Continue reading The Geek Beat: The Most -- and Least -- Successful Marvel Movies, by the Numbers

Inspired by her daughter’s recent breast reduction, Caroline Manzo wants to go under the knife again.

The ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey star is now looking into having the same procedure done, Lauren Manzo told radio detection and rangingOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

“Although my mom was completely against me getting the breast reduction, she is amazed with how well everything went and now, she wants… Continue reading Two For The Price Of One! Ex-RHONJ Star Caroline Manzo Wants Smaller Boobs After Daughter’s Successful Plastic Surgery

Pink Shares Her Secret for Successful Motherhood | Pink

Willow and Pink outside her trailer

Elder Ordonez/INF

For new mom Pink, balancing a busy career and motherhood is really just a matter of proper timing.

“As long as my boobs are at home at a certain hour, I can do whatever I want,” the singer-actress, 32, told PEOPLE at the Hollywood premiere of… Continue reading Pink Shares Her Secret for Successful Motherhood

Hysteria Still

It’s tricky to make a comedy about hysteria. It was the catch-all diagnosis of the Victorian era, and while it certainly offered some wild moments of comedy (like the creation of the vibrator), it was also a lazy diagnosis used to contain women’s humanity. Nearly anything and everything would and did get labeled as hysteria, including normal behaviors like irritability, faintness, and insomnia… Continue reading 'Hysteria' TIFF Review: Tanya Wexler's Successful Mixture of Laughter, History, and Feminism


Image Credit: Adam Taylor/NBC

In the beginning, Love Bites on NBC showed so much promise — a dramedy-anthology featuring popular stars like Becki Newton and Greg Grunberg that creator Cindy Chupack described as Love, American Style meets Love Actually. Unfortunately, a bad combination of too many cooks (it went through three regime changes at NBC) and an ambitious conceit (new stars every week!) ended up side-lining the show. Chupack… Continue reading ‘Love Bites’ creator on Thursday’s finale: ‘It felt like a successful little miniseries’