I”ve had successful phone sex, says Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has admitted that she has had successful phone sex. “Oh, I”ve had successful phone sex – it can work. I think it”s f–ing weird – it”s super weird.” UsMagazine.com quoted her as telling UK edition of Marie Claire. The Distance star, 35, also said that although she enjoys phone sex, it doesn”t compare

‘Saw’ named ‘Most Successful Horror Movie Series’

Serial killer franchise ‘Saw’ is the most successful horror movie series, according to the Guinness World Records. The six ”Saw” films have raked in a total of 733 million dollars at the box office. Producer Mark Burg told a foreign new agency that he was ‘in shock’ at beating other long-running movie franchises, such as

Successful Launch of New YSL Scent

Of course, that party which took place on Thursday can not be called the same decadent and notorious as the original party dedicated to Opium launch in New York City held in 1977. However critics are unanimous in their opinions: that soirée dedicated to Belle D’Opium launch, new fragrance of YSL, was extra glamorous. Such