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It seems like the minds behind MTV’s new Scream are aware of how hard it’s going to be to turn a movie as singularly perfect as Scream into a TV show, seeing as the first trailer for it announces (via one of its characters), “You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” 

Presumably they’re not talking about Scream itself, but instead… Continue reading Reel TV: MTV's 'Scream' Trailer Trades Drew Barrymore's Sweater for Bella Thorne's Bikini

Santorum’s Sweater Vest? Sorry, Hollywood Owns That Style

HuffPost’s QuickRead…

HuffPost’s QuickRead…


Jessica Simpson has confessed that she does not brush her teeth.
The singer revealed she simply chooses to wipe them with her jumper.
” I just use Listerine, and sometimes I”ll use my sweater,” the Sun quoted her as saying.
Simpson recently revealed that she still cares for former lover John Mayer. Continue reading Jessica Simpson does not brush her teeth!