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title texas chainsaw massacre What Is the Best Horror Movie Title of All Time?

What makes a good title for a horror movie? Hollywood doesn’t seem to know these days, as evidenced by names like Oculus and too many nouns ending in “ing” (The Awakening; The Conjuring) or adjectives that are rather tame sounding, like Sinister and Insidious. This week’s new release As Above, So Below is either a good title or a bad one, depending on whom you… Continue reading What Is the Best Horror-Movie Title of All Time?

1 Instagram TerminatorGenisys 585 Movie News: See Arnold Schwarzenegger Announce a New Terminator Title

Terminator Genisys: Via social media, Arnold Schwarzenegger thanked the cast and crew of his new movie “for a fantastic shoot,” and then announced its new title: Terminator Genisys. Previously known as Terminator: Genesis, the blockbuster is heading for release next year; as Schwarzenegger put it: “On July 1, 2015, I’ll be back.” [Instagram]


Venom%20Carnage%20cover%20 Superhero Roundup: Venom Gets a New Title, Batman v Superman Rumors, and More

Nothing makes hump day go smoother than some superhero news – and today we’ve got all kinds of updates on things like The Sinister Six movie, Batman v. Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

We kick things off with the oft discussed Venom movie. One of Spider-Man’s greatest foes is about to get his own film, and now it has a new name… Continue reading Superhero Roundup: 'Venom' Gets a New Title, 'Batman v Superman' Rumors, and More

Emperor Palpatine Release Your Anger The First Rumored Star Wars: Episode VII Title Is The Ancient Fear

Now that the principal cast for Star Wars: Episode VII has been revealed and filming is about to go full swing, you can certainly expect Star Wars scoops to begin escaping J.J. Abrams’ mystery box, and in great numbers. The first of what is surely many tidbits to hit the web is the working title for the film: The Ancient Fear.

Legends%20of%20the%20Fall%20Header Poster Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies with a Season in the Title?Check your calendars, readers, it’s time for another Poster-Crop Quiz. This week was a bit of a challenge. We wanted to honor Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but a Marvel-movie poster quiz has been done and the specific lineage of Cap movies, prior to 2011, is short and embarrassing. Therefore we have decided to pay homage to this sequel’s seasonal secondary title.

We have gathered posters from 10… Continue reading Poster-Crop Quiz: Can You Guess These Movies with a Season in the Title?