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The Boxtrolls

Which trolls do you favor? The lovable type of trolls who are friendly to mankind, as in The Boxtrolls? Or the mean, evil trolls who want to kill us, as in Troll 2 (aka, the Best Worst Movie ever)? Why not “troll” through our list to pick your favorites?

The Boxtrolls

Welcome to the wonderful underground world of the… Continue reading Good Troll, Bad Troll: Which Movie Troll Is Your Favorite?

Forget vampires, Trolls are the new thing. Finally a refreshing original horror movie! “The Troll Hunter” is seriously going to be the neatest horror movie for 2010. Go norway!

Disney’s Little Einsteins: Animal ExpeditionDiscover the world’s most fascinating animals when you journey with the LITTLE EINSTEINS from the Great

Charlie Sheen isn’t the only guy who knows how to turn public humilation into comedy gold. Charlie’s former Two and A Half Men co-star Jon Cryer has used the power […]