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jem movie christy marxYesterday’s announcement about a “Jem and the Holograms” movie is giving us a lot of feelings, not all of them good. Yesterday, in a cute viral video, “G.I. Joe” director Jon M. Chu, horror movie producer Jason Blum (of Blumhouse Productions), and Bieber believer Scooter Braun took to YouTube to announce their new project and call for video auditions.

Chu described it as “a modern-day, live… Continue reading It's Truly Outrageous That 'Jem' Creator Christy Marx Isn't Involved in the Movie

Oh, RoboCop, it would have been so much easier if you were terrible.

I couldn’t help think that after leaving the theater last week, because no matter how skeptical I was of Jose Padilha’s remake of Paul Verhoeven’s brutal 1987 film (which, I admit, is one of my favorite movies), I had to admit that, well… it wasn’t bad at all.

In fact, the biggest problem I… Continue reading The Geek Beat: When It Comes to Remakes, Can We Ever Truly Love a Pretender to the Throne

As you probably know, the Academy Awards are tonight (keep it tuned right here for a real-time update of all Oscar winners). Finally, after nearly two whole months into 2013 we’ll finally get the official declaration of what is the “Best Picture” of 2012. Will it be one of the nine titles actually nominated, or will there be a coup in which The Avengers is named… Continue reading What's Truly the Best Picture of 2012?

This weekend, an annual event will spotlight the worst in cinema from last year. No, I’m not being super cynical about the Oscars. The 33rd Golden Raspberry Awards (or Razzies) are also being held, and it should be a bittersweet affair given that it’s the last time its voters get to nominate a Twilight movie for anything. Well, until they the series is rebooted or the year 2020, when… Continue reading What's Truly the Worst Movie of 2012?