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Walking with Dinosaurs Trailer 2013 Movie – Official [HD]

Walking with Dinosaurs Trailer 2013 – Official movie trailer in HD – directed by Neil Nightingale, Pierre De Lespinios – For the first time in movie history,…
new movie 2013 trailers Video Rating: 4 / 5


Warning: Spoilers for “The Walking Dead” Season 4 and the comics are included in this article. Read on at your own risk.

“The Walking Dead” ended Season 4 episode 10, “Inmates,” with a massive reveal: Abraham, Rosita and Eugene have arrived.

But who are these new additions to the world of “The Walking Dead” who are now teamed with Glenn and

Good news, Glenn Rhee! You have survived the killer virus that was spreading throughout the prison! Congratulations! Oh, but just one little thing: your girlfriend’s dad was just beheaded and a giant tank escorted by a one-eyed lunatic and flesh-eating zombies pretty much destroyed your home. Oh yeah, and one other thing: WHERE ARE YOU?!?

When we last saw Glenn, he was waiting on a bus to evacuate… Continue reading ‘The Walking Dead’: Steven Yeun on what’s next for ‘resilient’ Glenn

Even before this season of The Walking Dead started, Andrew Lincoln was warning us about the midseason finale on Sunday, Dec. 1 — saying that it was the doozy to end all doozies. Well, that day is finally here, and Chad Coleman (who plays Tyreese) called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to concur with his castmate, warning viewers to “fasten their seat belts” for an episode he… Continue reading ‘The Walking Dead’: Chad Coleman talks about the ‘jaw-dropping’ midseason finale

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D TRAILER 3 (2013) – CGI Dinosaur Movie HD

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new movie 2013 trailers Video Rating: 4 / 5