Lisbeth Lyons Pictures

Lobbyist Lisbeth Lyons, pictured above John Boehner has had some embarrassing revelations come to light concerning alleged extramarital affairs he’s had with two women, including Lisbeth Lyons, who you you see in the picture up top. The National Enquirer, sleazy though they may be, has nailed politicians fooling around before, most recently derailing the presidential

Anna Ardin Pictures

Ardin, picture below, is accusing Assange (above) of rape Anna Ardin, joins Sofia Wilén in accusing Julian Assange of rape. Ardin previously had ties to a CIA backed anti-Fidel Castro group, which kind of makes you wonder. We’ve got the first picture that’s been put out there of Anna Ardin, and we’ll have more pictures

David Bruce McMahan Married And Slept With His Daughter

David Bruce McMahan and his daughter The Village Voice has unearthed one of the strangest stories I’ve ever read. It concerns a millionaire named David Bruce McMahan and his daughter, Linda Schutt. McMahan discovered later in his life (and in hers) that he had fathered Linda Schutt, and he quickly made her a part of