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‘Fringe’: ‘Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick cast

Henry Ian Cusick.jpgOoh, this is juicy! “Lost” alum Henry Ian Cusick (Brother!) has been cast in “Fringe,” according to TVLine. This will, of course, re-team Cusick and his “Lost” boss (and Fringe EP) J.J. Abrams. (Seriously, does that man ever sleep?)

Cusick will play an FBI agent assigned to a Fringe case in the 19th episode of the season. We don’t have anymore information, except to say that this might be a clue about which universe he’s in. Do you guys want to start speculating?

Check out the previews for tonight’s (Feb. 10) episode, “Welcome to Westfield.” Sex and pie and a small town that our friends can’t escape from. There are some major clues in here. Keep an eye on the knife-wielding cafe owner in the second clip. Watch his eyes. Creepy.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Fox