‘Glee’ spoilers: Brittany and Santana, sitting in a tree…

glee-brittania-santana-brittany.jpgBrittania fans, your dreams are about to come true: the “Glee” couple of Brittany and Santana are about to do something very normal for two people in a relationship, but thus far has not been show on the FOX series — KISS.

According to E! Online, the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode features the fan-favorite couple locking lips in a big way. As the site’s source says, “Brittany and Santana are going to make out.”

It’s okay, we’ll pause for you to squeal your little hearts out. Finished? Good.

That’s not all — apparently the pair’s storyline in the episode is “sweet and it’s romantic and it will satisfy fans.”

We’re expecting a steep viewership drop-off in the following week’s ratings due to all the Brittania fans dying of happiness. RIP: At least you went out very happy people.

Also in the big Valentine’s episode, which will serendipitously air on the actual holiday — we meet Rachel’s two dads, played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell, for the first time. We’re assuming it has something to do with Rachel saying yes to Finn’s proposal in the big Michael Jackson episode.

Photo/Video credit: FOX