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Matthew McConaughey: Think Together with j.k. livin’!

Matthew McConaughey: Think Together with j.k. livin'!

Matthew McConaughey and longtime girlfriend Camila Alves attend Think Together’s Annual Benefit on Saturday (June 11) at the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, Calif.

The 41-year-old actor announced a partnership between his j.k. livin’ foundation and Think Together to help children in need who attend Southern California schools.

“I’m excited that the j.k. livin’ curriculum is going to be in more schools, with the organization, Think Together, that thinks similarly to how we think,” Matt told at the event.

“They are a much larger organization. They have the infrastructure for them to over see things in the areas. That’s big for us,” he shared.

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JJ: What are you excited to do by teaming up with Think Together?
MM: My whole goal is to get the program that worked, that we started at one school, then we went to two then we went to three, it took three years to do that, and then things got solid and we started branching out in large packs like this. So now with this partnership we can grow in larger increments now. That’s the plan – to make it successful here, see how fast it grows as long as it is working, and as long as it keeps working it keeps spreading in more schools, that’s the idea.

JJ: When did you realize that with fame also came the opportunity to help out in areas like this?
MM: “I would say it’s with success more than fame. I’ve had the instincts to help since I was a kid. I was raised that way. As a kid I was pushed to go give time in my community and it felt good. You learn as a kid. I learned from my parents that people that have, and people that are in a position that can, then give back in a way you can. The challenge is to find out which way to do that, which way is best for you that makes it personal but yet it’s something people need, because there are a million things people need. What do we do with my organization is something I love doing day to day.

JJ: How can the general public help out?
MM: “A lot of people want to help. The hardest thing is how do you and where do you go. Don’t think too big – look next door, look local. The same thing that works locally is what works globally just on a larger scale. Don’t get blinded by the mass. Start small and get something that you can grab.

JJ: Camila works with you on the foundation. What makes you two work so well together?
MM: We have children together! We see with our kids what things they need or what they have that we feel other kids need. She challenges me on what is going to make things better, what’s going to make things count.