Change your lifestyle to live to a ripe old age

old ageNew research shows that how you live your life and not your genes determine how long you live. Those who did not smoke, consumed moderate amounts of coffee, were economically well off by 50 and also had low cholesterol had the greatest chance of celebrating their 90th birthday, according to a study in Sweden’s University

Hugh Hefner’s Fiancee Crystal Harris “Doesn’t Notice” 60 Year Age

Crystal Harris was only three-years-old when Disney’s The Little Mermaid — the film that would ultimately become her favorite of all-time — debuted in theaters back in 1989. And the fact that her future husband was already eligible for retirement and Social Security benefits that year means little to the blonde bombshell. Crystal conveniently doesn’t

I don’t let age overpower me: Dharmendra

DharmendraHorses and men never grow old, says Dharmendra, still young at 75 and getting ready to entertain his legion of fans in the upcoming comedy “Yamla Pagla Deewana”. “There is a saying horses and men never grow old and I’m one of those men who was tagged as the ‘He Man’. So can a ‘He

Courtney Love says she”s ”getting hotter with age”

Courtney Love thinks that she is getting hotter with age while her peers are getting older. The 46-year-old beauty revealed some facts about her beauty at the screening of her new flick ”Due Date”. “I am the smoker and the curser, but I am trying to learn about taking care of myself. I have friends

Zac Efron, Age 14, Sports Crimped Locks

What’s better than vintage pics of celebrities? We know — embarrassing vintage pics of celebrities. Everyone loves a lil’ gap-toothed pre-fame Zac Efron from time to time. But with crimped hair — eh. Not so much. This shot, taken in 2002 while Zac was a student at California State Summer School for the Arts, shows Zac