When Cameron Diaz got alcohol poisoning in Australia

Cameron Diaz has opened up about the experience when partying with Aussies after one heavy night out left her with alcohol poisoning. The actress has always boasted her tolerance for alcohol but she seemed to have learned that Americans should never attempt to keep up with their cousins from Down Under. “I was 19 and

Lindsay Lohan to Wear an Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet

On May 24th, Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared before the court and pleaded to ease the restrictions that were put on her. Lindsay came with her advocate who told the court that the actress has already signed a film and the shooting is soon set to start in Texas.
The superior court judge did not take

Lindsay Lohan Did Not Take Her Alcohol Education Class on Sunday

Lindsay Lohan did not go for her alcohol education sessions which she was supposed to do on Sunday, as per the information provided it was informed that she would be continuing with the classes once she would return from Los Angeles, which apparently did not happen.
As per a source close to the actress informed that

Lindsay Lohan Gets Positive Marks in Her DUI Class

The attorney of Lindsay Lohan has rubbished all recent reports that the actress has poor attendance for her DUI classes and would be sentenced for a possible jail term.
The lawyer for Lohan says that his client was in full obedience of the corrective measures directed to her by the court. A three page document which