Smith Micro Software to Introduce Anime Studio Pro 7 and Anime Studio Debut 7

Smith Micro Software has unveiled Anime Studio Debut 7 as well as Anime Studio Pro 7. With the help of the two programs one can create cartoons, 2D movies, and also cut-out animations. The programs come with new integrated audio recording capabilities, new content library, as well as other new tools.
Anime Studio Pro 7 offers

“ThunderCats” Anime Remake Premiering On Cartoon Network 2011

Cartoon Network has commissioned an anime-style television remake of the 1980s animated series ThunderCats. (Hmmm…Not sure how we feel about this.)Expected to debut on the kids-centric cable network in 2011, Warner Bros. will produce the project in collaboration with Japanese firm Studio4°C. “In addition to being Warner Bros. Animation’s first anime series, ‘ThunderCats’ marks our most ambitious