Aniston’s fragrance inspired by friends

jennifer aniston5Actress Jennifer Aniston says she found it easy to create her own fragrance as she drew inspiration from her near and dear ones. The actress and her friends have a long standing tradition of creating perfumes for each other to wear on their wedding day and she admitted her debut scent “Jennifer Aniston” evolved from

Aniston”s best friend Chelsea Handler calls Jolie a ”home wrecker”

jennifer aniston5Jennifer Aniston’s new best friend Chelsea Handler has launched a foul-mouthed tirade against Brad Pitt”s partner Angelina Jolie, calling her a ‘home wrecker’. “She”s a homewrecker, she is,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying during a stand-up show in Newark, New Jersey, over the weekend. “She can rescue as many babies from as many

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘latest crush’ – Joaquin Phoenix

It seems Jennifer Aniston has set her sights on Joaquin Phoenix. The actress reportedly has a ‘huge crush’ on the actor and is looking forward to go on a date with him. She is believed to have set up a business meeting with Phoenix after the pair met at a screening of his documentary ‘I”m

Jennifer Aniston’s secret to age-defying skin – £1.99 soap

Former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston has revealed the secret to her age-defying skin – a 1.99-pound soap. Aniston, 41, revealed that she owes her fresh-faced look to Neutrogena soap bars, which are available in supermarkets and on high streets across the UK. “I’ve used it since high school,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying

Jennifer Aniston’s ‘new lover’ is close friend’s ex

American actress Jennifer Aniston’s alleged new love interest, ‘True Blood’ actor Chris Gartin, is the ex-husband of one of her closest friends. Gartin’s ex-wife Joanne is an Australian-born wedding planner-to-the-stars, who been a close friend of Aniston since a long time. It was due to the friendship that Aniston met Gartin, reports “I’m really