Anne Hathaway Helps Jake Gyllenhaal Dodge Taylor Swift Questions

Ella Enchanted to the rescue! Actress Anne Hathaway helped her Love and Other Drugs co-star Jake Gyllenhaal dodge questions about his alleged romance with Taylor Swift at a weekend press conference in New York. Hathaway and Gyllenhaal, who previously played husband and wife in the 2005 homoerotic drama Brokeback Mountain, were talking to reporters Saturday

Anne Hathaway ”cried daily over sex scenes in new film”

Anne Hathaway has revealed that her raunchy sex scenes with actor Jake Gyllenhaal in their upcoming movie ”Love & Other Drugs” left her emotionally terrified. “This movie certainly has a lot of nerve,” the New York Post quoted Hathaway, 27, as telling Vogue magazine. The film has Hathway playing Maggie – a free-spirited but severely

Anne Hathaway Vogue Magazine Nov. 2010: “Con Man Ex Made Me Weary Of

Fall in love with Anne Hathaway all over again as the clean-cut former Disney Kid speaks candidly in her intimate new interview with Vogue Magazine. The star, who won an Oscar nod for her 2009 drama Rachel Getting Married, says falling for Italian fraudster Raffaello Follieri has left her less trusting when it comes to

Ben Stiller’s Parents — Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara — Critique

Note To Ben Stiller: No good can come of giving your parents access to basic cable TV and the world wide web. Now not only are the senile seniors of America trolling around “Spacebook” — they’re even tuning into Jersey Shore! They may be in their 80s but, Ben’s ‘rents — hilarious comedy duo Jerry

Cher, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston Scammed In Spa-Based Credit Card Scheme

In the words of the infectiously-candid Antoine Dodson: “Hide your wife. Hide your kids. And hide your purses. Cuz they snatching credit card numbers out here!” The owner of a swanky Beverly Hills spa was arrested Wednesday and slapped with charges of stealing credit card information from numerous celebrity clients — including Liv Tyler, Jennifer Aniston,

Anne Rice Abandons Christainity

Anne Rice is so over Jesus.On her Facebook page Wednesday, the author behind the vampire fiction hit Interview with a Vampire, announced that she is turning in her Born-Again Card after refusing to adapt to a number of Christian doctrines. The 68-year-old gothic novelist says she refuses to be “anti-gay … anti-feminist,” and “anti-artificial birth birth

Anne Hathaway Cast In “One Day” Movie

Academy Award-nominated actress Anne Hathaway made her Hollywood debut playing big screen royalty in hit films like Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries. Now she’s stepping into a new Cinderella story.Hathway will appear in the film adaptation of David Nicholls’ best-selling British novel One Day, the tale of a working-class woman’s romance with a charming rich