Antoine Dodson Reality Show

He’s climbing through your window and snatching reality TV up! Hide yo’ wives, hide yo’ kids, and hide yo’ TiVos, ‘cause Antoine Dodson’s headed for a network near you. So, “you can tell THAT, homeboy!” Dodson, 24, became an internet sensation when his interview about the attempted rape of his sister in a housing project

Antoine Dodson Sex Offender Tracker App Pitchman

Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Antoine Dodson’s the new Billy Mays! Everyone’s Favorite Ranting Fruitcake pops in like “The Grinch Who Got Evicted on Christmas” to burst some Bed Intrudin’ bubbles in an infomercial endorsing a spankin’-new sex offender tracker, aptly- dubbed “The Sex Offender Tracker.” Created by Been Verified, the Sex Offender Tracker

Antoine Dodson Sashays Over To Millions of Milkshakes

Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Antoine’s got his own milkshake! What have we done? It appears our Favorite Ghetto Superstar Antoine Dodson has been bitten by that pesky “Fame Monster” that Lady Gaga is also yammering about. Say it ain’t so! Sporting a new phony pony and trying his best to hold on to

Antoine Dodson Goes Viral After Saving Sister From Intruder

Hilarious! Antoine Dodson is putting the Good People of Lincoln Park Projects on high-alert: There’s a man crawling into the beds of unassuming women as they sleep. Of course, there’s nothing funny about the crime in question, but we can’t help but laugh at this interview with the brother of a young Mobile, Alabama woman