Travis Barker Rihanna — An Item?!

Well, here’s a Love Connection Headscratcher: Are Rihanna and rocker Travis Barker an item? That’s the story from (We know….We know…). Shh! Don’t tell Shana Moakler! Sources for The Urban World’s answer to The National Enquirer claim the the singer and the former Blink-182 drummer have become Tinseltown’s latest unlikely couple after meeting an

Former “Price Is Right” Model Suing Bob Barker For Booting Her While

A former Barker Beauty featured on the The Price is Right — America’s longest-running television game show — has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles accusing showbiz legend Bob Barker of running her out of a job after she became pregnant.The suit filed by Shane Stirling contends Barker had a major role in getting