Spencer Pratt Loses The Beard

Oh Brother: Must everything be a production, Spencer? Spencer Pratt either fancies himself a comedian or the next Joaquin Phoenix. Either way – it’s not funny…just really weird.The out-of-work Hiller is desperately clinging to his fifteen minutes of famewhoring by starting his own YouTube channel. In his debut upload, he announces he is going to shave

Zac Efron Needs To Lose The Beard (And No, We’re Not Talking About Vanessa

Oh Zac, when we say that you look like you’ve superglued a carpet of pubic hair to your face we mean it in the nicest possible way.A boy as pretty as you are shouldn’t be covering up his face with anything! Zac Efron showed up at this weekend’s 2010 Teen Choice Awards sporting a new

Jon Stewart White Beard Explanation

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart returned from a vacation Monday night with an interesting explanation for why his beard is white. “It’s not the aging process,” quipped the comic — whose beard used to be reddish-brown. “This morning I was actually making breakfast for my kids. They enjoy an egg and fluffernutter omelet, and let me

Pitt finally shaves off his goatee beard

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has finally ditched his goatee beard. The 45-year-old had kept the chin fluff for over a year but shaved it off to film new movie ‘Moneyball’ in Los Angeles, reports the Sun. The actor plays the role of Billy Beane, who successfully founded a baseball team, the Oakland Athletics, despite a