Justin Bieber Selena Gomez “Having Intimate Relationship” & Talking

Cover your ears, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has reportedly told girlfriend Selena Gomez that she’s “the one.”Oh — and did we forget to mention that they’re totally “doing it?”The teen lovebirds aren’t just madly in love, they’re sharing…

Sorry Beliebers, Justin Bieber Is Never Going To Date You

Sorry Ladies, but it looks like that glimmer of hope that you had that Justin Bieber might spot you in a crowded arena and ask you to be his girlfriend seems to have gone up in smoke: Bieber has vowed never to date any of his fans because he finds them “too adoring.” The heartthrob,

Hey Beliebers, Quit Yelling At Justin Bieber!

They’ve been known to sprint, cyber bully, stampede, and move mountains all for the chance to speak to him, but pop sensation Justin Bieber has only one request of the legion of obsessed young women who call themselves his “Beliebers:” “Quit yelling at me!” The “One Less Lonely Girl” singer, 16, says he is sick of

Justin Bieber On “CSI” Picture

Beliebers, Be Still! Pop sensation Justin Bieber is taking acting lessons in preparation for his role as a troubled teenager on the season premiere of the award-winning CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.The “Baby” singer will play Jason McCann, a “troubled teen faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother.” An excited Bieber,