“Pretty Wild” Star & “Bling Ring” Thief Alexis Neiers Released From

More bad news in Lohan Land: The troubled starlet has lost her celebrity cellie, reality personality Alexis Neiers. The Pretty Wild starlet, 19, was released from Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California at approximately 7:40 PM Friday after serving just four weeks of a 180-day sentence for her part in the “Bling-Ring” burglaries that

Lindsay Lohan Housed In Cell Next To Alexis Neiers, “Bling Ring” Thief Who

Incarcerated actress Lindsay Lohan has an unlikely neighbor in the Big House — she’s being housed in a cell next to Alexis Neiers, the E! reality star who once stole a necklace from the actress’ Los Angeles home.Alexis Neiers, the very woman who plead no contest to burglarizing Orlando Bloom’s home, is being housed in

LiLo housed in cell next to ”Bling Ring” suspect who robbed her house!

Lindsay Lohan will be housed in a cell next to E! reality star Alexis Neiers, who once stole a necklace from the actress’ house. Neiers is currently serving a 180-day sentence for felony residential burglary of Orlando Bloom”s home, according to People.com. The 19-year-old was reportedly involved with Hollywood”s so-called “Bling Ring,” a mostly teenage

Lollipop Bling Adds Sweetness to Mariah Carey’s Marriage

Do you happen to know to which extent the marriage between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey sweet is? We will tell you about it right now. This Hollywood blessed union is strengthened and illuminated by the signature scent which is absolutely new. It has been recently announced, that Lollipop Bling was added to her empire