Justin Bieber smacked in the face by water bottle

Justin Bieber was once attacked with a water bottle on stage, a video has shown. The footage shows the teen pop idol carrying on his show after a fan launched her drink at him. He was left dazed as the bottle smashed down onto his head during the 16-year-old’s gig in Sacramento, California, reports the

Justin Bieber Wacked In Head With Water Bottle [VIDEO]

In no way do we here at PopCrunch.com advocate the abuse of children or floppy-haired teen sensations, but do you think we’ll go to Hell if we chuckle ourselves to tears at this footage of Justin Bieber being hit in the head with a flying water bottle? Justin was attacked with the water missle during a

Suri Cruise, 4, continues to drink from baby bottle

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 4-year-old daughter may sport high heels but she still drinks from a bottle.
The celeb kid was seen sucking on a baby bottle on the sets of her mother’’s new movie, ‘Son of No One,’ in Manhattan.
Back in 2008, Suri, then 2 years old, was regularly snapped with a bottle.