“The Real Housewives Of New York City” Season 4 Shelved & Branded

Sorry Real Houseflies Fans, you’ll have to wait until the Spring of 2011 for your weekly dose of Countess LuAnn and the Crew on the fourth season of The Real Housewives of New York City. Instead of rolling out the red carpet for a new season of The Big Apple edition of Bravo’s popular docu-soap

Angelina Jolie”s dress sense branded ”drab”

American actress Angelina Jolie is losing her grip on the red carpet, a celebrity stylist has said. British fashion expert and celebrity stylist Kirsty Drury has worked with stars including Kylie Minogue and Claudia Schiffer and has always admired Angelina”s bold style choices but in the recent years, she believes the 35-year-old actress has gone

Smashing 50 bottles on head attempt branded ”idiotic”

A brain surgeon has slammed Australian TV personality Shane Crawford”s TV attempt to break bottle record, calling it dangerous. Brain surgeon Professor Jeffrey Rosenfield said that breaking 50 sugar glass bottles on Crawford”s head as a Footy Show stunt is not funny. The stunt was aimed to beat the world record of 50 bottles smashed

Lady Gaga branded ‘devil’s spawn’ for promoting homosexuality

‘Poker Face’ singer Lady Gaga has been branded as “the devil’s spawn” and “a whore face” by a religious group for promoting homosexuality. The Westboro Baptist Church, which is known for its hatred of homosexuals, targeted the 24-year-old bisexual pop singer over her sizzling, lesbian-themed video ‘Telephone’. The extremist church group, which has already caused