Liz Hurley ‘shattered’ as she cruises around the Mediterranean

It’s hard to believe that a Mediterranean holiday on a luxury yacht and soaking up the sun could ‘shatter’ someone, but that’s what it did to Liz Hurley, she claims. Updating her Twitter micro-blogging page, the mother-of-one admitted she had been enjoying lots of afternoon naps and sunbathing as she holidayed on Italian fashion designer

Tom Cruise’s ‘Vanilla Sky’ is the ‘Most Baffling Movie Of All Time’

‘Vanilla Sky’ has been named the most baffling movie of all time. The movie, starring Tom Cruise, 48, and Penelope Cruz, 36, is about dreams, love and disfigurement. It beat thriller Mulholland Drive in a poll by DVD rental firm LoveFilm. “Dreams are the biggest cause of confusion for viewers,” the Daily Star quoted editor