Kevin Federline IRS Tax Debt

The Tax Man cometh for Kevin Federline! The former Mr. Britney Spears pockets about $20,000 in child and spousal support from his famous ex has been slighting his responsibilities to Uncle Sam. The former rapper reportedly owes almost $20L in back taxes. According to documents filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office last week,

Montel Williams $1 Million IRS Tax Debt

Even Sylvia Browne couldn’t have predicted this! The Tax Man cometh for Montel Williams! Montel Williams was to daytime TV in the ’90s what Phil Donahue was for the genre a decade before. Boasting hard-hitting topics with a tough-as-nails persona, Williams easily carved out a place for himself as the King of the Talk Show

Teresa Giudice Bankrupt: “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Star $8.5

Teresa’s broker than one of LiLo’s stilettos after a night of binge drinking… The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice lives a lavish lifestyle on the hit Bravo reality series, but behind-the-scenes, the Skinny Italian author is drowning in a mountain of millions of dollars in debt and struggling to make ends meet, according to

Broke Lindsay Lohan owes $600,000 in credit card debt

‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan is reportedly over half a million dollars in debt, after failing to pay up her credit card dues.
Lohan, 23, has been facing financial problems ever since her acting career took a downward plunge, and her hard partying ways have not helped the situation either.
“Lindsay owes credit cards 600,000 dollars,” The