Glastonbury Festival Organizers Defend Booking Beyonce

Emily Eavis, a booker/promoter behind Britain’s Glastonbury Festival explains why this summer’s concert series will be headlined by U2, Coldplay, and…err Beyonce? Last week’s announcement that R&B superstar would be taking center stage at the same traditionally rock festival that her husband headlined in 2008 produced a few grumbles, according to Eavis. Jay-Z was the

Whoopi Goldberg Continues To Defend Mel Gibson; Questions Oksana Grigorieva’s

He put the “Mel” in “Meltdown,” but Gibson’s got at least one defender as a series of audiotaped rants make their way to the web: fellow Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg.Three tapes that purports to show the actor berating his ex-girlfriend have surfaced over the past four days. The Oscar-winner is heard spewing misogynistic remarks,