Diddy Has A Crush On Sammi Sweetheart

Cassie who? From Jennifer Lopez to Sienna Miller, it’s no secret that shady hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is down with “The Swirl.” But we never would have taken Overtanned Guidettes with Emotional Issues to be Puff’s Flavor of the Week. Despite his long-rumored romance with tone-deaf R&B beauty Cassie (pictured above), Word on The Curb

P. Diddy ‘gifted’ Justin Bieber Lamborghini on his 16th b’day

Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber got the ultimate birthday gift from P.Diddy on his 16th birthday – the keys to his prized Lamborghini. Diddy had promised to hand over the 131,000-pound-car when Bieber was old enough to drive, reports the Telegraph. Bieber was spotted at the wheel of Diddy”s white Gallardo Spyder with his friend

Anna Kendrick Wins MTV Movie Award

Anna Kendrick Wins MTV Movie Award MTV Movie Awards held at Universal Studios in LA Sunday, June 6, 2010.
Jonah Hill, Diddy and Russell Brand presented the Best Breakout Star award. Jonah s started talking about how he is Team Jacob and Russell said he is on Team Edward, referring to the hot Twilight characters.
“What the