Western diet ‘ups prostate cancer risk’

cancerA new study has revealed that elevated fat and cholesterol levels found in a typical American-style diet plays an important role in the growth and spread of prostate cancer. Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University’s Kimmel Cancer Center demonstrate how mice eating a Western diet, and predisposed to develop prostate cancer, can develop larger tumors that

Strict diet 2 days a week ”cuts breast cancer risk by 40pc”

A new study has indicated that a strict diet for two days a week consisting solely of vegetables, fruit, milk and a mug of Bovril could prevent breast cancer. Women who cut back to just 650 calories a day, twice a week, had significantly lower levels of cancer-causing hormones in their blood, the study found,

Jennifer Aniston shows off fab abs in new Smart Water advert

Jennifer Aniston has shown off her well-toned body in a new ad for Smart Water wearing nothing but a sports bra and some tight pants
The 41-year-old actress sizzles in the new black-and-white ad that features her perfectly toned abs.
“Working out feels great … afterwards. That’’s why I drink Smart. It’’s hydration I can feel

Jennifer Hudson Is a Representative of Weight Watchers

Are there any relation between Jennifer Hudson and Weight Watchers? Actually, she has become a new spokesperson for the company. According to Jennifer, she enjoys the weight loss as she follows the instructions.
The star shared that she feels empowered with what she has learned, beginning from portion control to what foods it is better to