When Taylor Momsen torched her dog’s testicles

‘Gossip Girl’ star Taylor Momsen has often portrayed herself as the bad girl of entertainment, and an incident that involved her dog’s testicles reveals how far she would go. Momsen, 17, who fronts the rock band, The Pretty Reckless, has been revealed by her band mate, guitarist Ben Phillips, to have an affection for pyromania

Ashley Greene Driving Neighborhood (And Assistant) To The Dogs

Resident in Ashley Greene’s North Hollywood enclave are thisclose to hauling the Twilight hottie into court over her yet-to-be housebroken toy fox terrier, Marlow. When the pooch isn’t terrorizing the hood with incessant barking, he’s leaving messes all over the building– to the chagrin of Ashley’s long-suffering assistant.“The other tenants are at their wits’ end

John Travolta Dogs Killed In Airport Accident

Two dogs belonging to stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston were run over and killed on the runway of Bangor International Airport in Maine after the family’s private jet landed there last Thursday.A service vehicle at the airport struck and killed The Travoltas’ dogs as the pets were being walked, according to airport officials. The