Lindsay Lohan Hires Robert Downey Jr. Entertainment Attorney; Moves Next Door

Lindsay Lohan has completed her 90-day detox at the Betty Ford Clinic and is planning a career comeback that could take fans back to the actress’ days as a big screen Mean Girl. If she can stay away from her ex-girlfriend. Residents in the LA area should be advised to lock away all white powdery

Robert Downey Jr. Planters Peanuts Commercial

As we mentioned on Monday, the Kraft-owned nutjubs at Planters has given Mr. Peanut a makeover for the first time since he took over spokesnut duties for the company in 1916. He still wears the top hat and monocle that have long been his trademark, Mr. Peanut sports a three-dimensional look in his first new

Sandra Bullock to star alongside Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Gravity’?

Sandra Bullock is in talks with Warner Bros. to star with Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Gravity’. The movie is set in outer space in which her character struggles to survive an avalanche of space junk, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Bullock hasn”t appeared in a film since The Blind Side, though she has been courted